Volunteer Update – April 2020

We are so grateful for your willingness to volunteer at this time. However, due to our limited capacity and opportunities, we are no longer accepting volunteer applications. Please check in with us after June 10 to see what our status is.  If you are required to perform community service, please email volunteer4afac@afac.org for specific updates.

One way in which you can continue to assist AFAC is by donating CANNED food items. Specifically, canned tuna/chicken, soup, tomato products, beans, fruit and vegetables. We are pre-packing bags of food now and to be as consistent as possible, these are the items we are trying to provide. Visit our food donations page to find the nearest food collection drop-off locations.

If you are very interested hosting your own food drive, click here for more details. You can pick up a food drive box from AFAC and then encourage your neighbors to donate cans to your food drive box. We encourage you to find a safe place to store it in the evenings and in the event of bad weather. We can make arrangements to pick up the donated food once the box is full.

Our policies have changed. Our mission has not. We count on all of you to make a difference in feeding your neighbors in need.

AFAC Volunteer Department