AFAC currently distributes groceries to families in need every week in Arlington, VA. One-third of the people we serve are children.

Families need a referral to receive food from AFAC. Referrals can come from an Arlington County government agency or one of many local churches, schools, or social service agencies. This system ensures that our clients are legitimate, and that all of their needs are being assessed and addressed.

  • Elderly residents makeup nearly 12% of the individuals in our care and must often choose between buying medicine or food.
  • Families where the "bread winner," if employed, works at a low wage job. They may be taking job training and literacy classes. Those working toward getting a "Green Card" are not eligible for food stamps. Child care costs and the cost of rent factor into the decision by a social worker to make the referral.
  • People who are unemployed because of physical, mental, or emotional disabilities.
  • Families or individuals who have applied for food stamps or other food assistance and who have not yet started receiving that assistance.
  • People who are ill or disabled from work and who do not have sick leave with their employer.
  • People starting a new job after a period of unemployment. They may need food for several weeks to be able to perform well at the new job until they receive their first paycheck.
  • Anyone who has lost their job or had their hours reduced due to circumstances beyond their control (i.e. government shutdowns, pandemics).