Community food donations and drives are critical to AFAC's ability to feed the families in our care!

AFAC currently distributes over 80,000 pounds of food to over 2,400 families every week, and our service numbers continue to grow. Food drives are a great way to help AFAC - 40% of the food AFAC distributes is donated!

40% of the food AFAC distributes is donated to us.  The other 60% is purchased through wholesalers (make a financial contribution here)

AFAC purchases 60% of the food we distribute from wholesalers; this is to ensure the quality and consistency of certain perishable items, such as eggs, milk, and chicken.  Currently, those costs are skyrocketing; the cost of eggs has more than doubled in the last year!  We are committed to providing these staples to our families, and food drives help us by supplying shelf-stable items - so we don't have to buy them.

Your food drive also provides certain items that we need, but cannot get wholesale rates for - in particular, cereal that kids will eat (but isn't mostly candy). Because AFAC is a 501c3 charity, food donations are tax-deductible!

Donation and Tax Deduction Information

  • Donated food is valued at $1.92 per pound (if this rate has changed, you will be notified by warehouse staff)
  • To donate food, please drive up to the left side of our Nelson Street location (if more than 100lbs, please email ahead of time, so warehouse staff can be ready!)
  • Your food donation will be weighed and a receipt will be issued at the time of drop-off.
  • Food donations of 100 pounds of food or more will also receive a tax receipt by mail.

AFAC accepts most unopened, unexpired, and unprepared foods, including perishable items.  AFAC is most in need of the following Heart Healthy items:

  • Low sodium tomato products (diced, paste, & sauce)
  • Low sodium canned tuna
  • Low sodium canned beans
  • Low sodium canned soup
  • Low sugar cereal

For resources on coordinating a food drive, sample food drive flyers and current food needs, click here.

AFAC is able to purchase food at lower rates than are available at stores, for most items.  If you are considering purchasing food items to donate, please consider making a monetary donation instead, or stick to our most-needed items above to maximize your impact.

No time to shop? Visit our Virtual Food Drive page to shop for families in need!