Charles Meng, Chief Executive Officer
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Mathilda Dack, Associate Director of Administration

Client Services Department

Lily Duran, Director of Client Services
Kayla Reid, Client Services Coordinator
Debbie Staren-Doby, Client Services Coordinator

Development Department

Jolie Smith, Director of Development

Jackie Kazanci, Development Manager
Kandice Heise, Development Associate

Alana Rafiee, Marketing & Communications Associate


Operations Department

Vicky Bandalo, Director of Operations
Ray Bynum, Lead Warehouse Associate
Tyree Speight, Operations Manager
Ryan Eaton, Warehouse Assistant
Johnny Lambright, Warehouse Assistant
Devanté Lewis, Warehouse Assistant
Alcy Manente, Warehouse Assistant
Tyler Morley, Warehouse Assistant
Bernard Rogers, Driver
Brandon Edwards, Driver
Jonathan Salas, Driver

Volunteer Department

Danielle Rampton, Director of Volunteer Services
Kim Roehl, Volunteer Manager
Chabeli Wells, Volunteer Coordinator

Board of Directors

Jeffrey Bollman - Chair
Erica Beardsley - Vice Chair
Jason Ruggiero, Treasurer
Thomas Klanderman - Secretary
Linda Kelleher - Member

Stephen Brady
Bob Cooper
Cleveland James
Andrew Lee
Miguel Monteverde
Grace Shea
Brian Tanenbaum
John Ziegenhein
Timothy Hart
Karen Vasquez

Jason, AFAC's feline staff member through early 2022
When Jason lost his companion, he didn't handle the loneliness well, so every morning he came to the AFAC office to greet all visitors, get pets and treats from coworkers (even the one who was allergic) - and find perfect sunny spots for naps. Though Jason has now crossed the rainbow bridge, he was incredibly valued as an unpaid, full-time employee charged with handling staff morale. He will be thoroughly missed.