Kickin COVID

girls soccor team

Please join us – the Arlington Soccer Association 2007 Girls Academy soccer team – in raising funds to help feed our neighbors in need during these hard times! NOTE: When making a donation, if you are supporting a specific team member please note their name in the “Dedicate This Donation” section. WHAT KICKIN COVID: 2021…

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YHS 2020 Thank You to Matt Mendelsohn

AFAC Personal Fundraiser Logo

Professional photographer Matt Mendelsohn has generously offered to take a picture of each Yorktown HS senior from the Class of 2020 (more than 500 kids) in an effort to recognize their year that ended without any of the normal rites of passage. These pictures have captured their personalities and acknowledge what they’ve missed but also…

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AFAC Donations – School Project

My friend and I were assigned to make an impact on our community for a school project. With the current pandemic, many families cannot afford food because they are out of work. We hope that we can really help some families and give them the food that they need.

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GF Baking for AFAC

chocolate cake

Thus far AFAC has received over $1000 from your generosity! Please let me know what else needs to be baked!I’ve been seeing many posts about cancelled celebrations and milestone events due to COVID-19. While there are still options for many, those with allergies are having difficulty finding things like cakes, cupcakes, and fancy desserts. Best…

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Areté COVID-19 Fundraiser

volunteer giving a child lettuce

Help us support the Arlington Food Assistance Center as they serve those in need during this crisis. Areté will contribute $2 for every $1 donated by employees. AFAC provides 2,500 Arlington families per week with dignified access to nutritious, supplemental groceries, free of charge; more than 35% of the individuals served are children and 14%…

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JSI/WEI Staff Fundraiser for Arlington Food Assistance Center

jsi logo

Everyone has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and many of us know someone who has lost a loved one or a job.  While this has been a trying time for all, it is also a time during which we are reminded that we are incredibly lucky to be in a position to help. Let’s…

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RiskSpan COVID-19 AFAC Support

food drive graphic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on many. While hunger might not seem to be an issue in a wealthy county like Arlington, Virginia, the high cost of living here combined with the current economic situation causes many families struggle to make ends meet. In order to help those affected by this crisis, RiskSpan…

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Arlington 8th graders photo project

In an effort to document all the 8th graders in Arlington, while they aren’t Seniors in High School, they are missing out on big milestones that they have been looking forward to for a long time. In this time of worry and the unknown, we’re hoping it will be a way to capture this moment…

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