Volunteer Spotlight: Home Deliveries

Our home delivery program started from the pandemic when we recognized that some of our most vulnerable clients would be better served from getting groceries delivered to their homes rather than waiting in a crowded line. AFAC is now regularly serving 130 clients each week and have close to 25 volunteers who drive once a week and deliver these essential items. We also have a core group of individuals who pack the items which allow our clients to have an experience as close to what they would have if they came to AFAC directly. This month, we are highlighting the wonderful work of our Home Delivery Volunteers!

AFAC can always use new volunteers in both of these roles. We would start people out as a substitute and then add them into the fold as our needs change.


We need STRONG volunteers who can work in our warehouse for approximately 2 hours a day Monday- Thursday (you would pick the day and shift that works best for you). We have morning and afternoon shifts. You would be on your feet the entire time and there would be repeated bending and lifting.


We can use some additional drivers on Tuesday-Thursday (late morning/early afternoon). Volunteers get an established route of 3-5 clients in a contiguous area. You would need to be able to carry a crate of groceries, potentially up a flight of steps or two, depending on the housing situation. You would come to AFAC to pick up the groceries (pre-packed for you) and then you make your deliveries. We estimate that this takes about an hour after you leave AFAC. This is a great activity if you have a friend that you’d like to volunteer with regularly.

If either of these activities seem interesting to you, email us at volunteer@afac.org and we’ll add you to the sub roster and provide a basic overview. We definitely want volunteers to try it a few times before committing to it regularly. Once you have a regular shift, we would expect volunteers to prioritize this commitment. Of course, we are understanding of travel, illness, and the unexpected nature of life.