Volunteer Spotlight: Gleaning

Harvesting tomatoes at JK Community Farm

From April through November, AFAC sends volunteers gleaning at local farms. So far this year, we have gleaned at JK Community Farm and Clines Farm, but the season isn’t over yet! JK Community Farm grows food exclusively to donate to local food banks, and in July and August they provided AFAC with 5,628 pounds of fresh produce. Our clients have enjoyed tomatoes, squash, peppers, cucumbers, peaches, and apples fresh from the farms. That is why we are highlighting our gleaning volunteers this month!

Bringing in donated food is important to AFAC’s mission. AFAC purchases about 60% of the food we give out, but the other 40% is donated. Every time fresh produce gets donated, it saves us thousands of dollars because we don’t have to purchase those items. This is especially important during times of inflation when everything costs more. Thank you to everyone who has helped bring this donated produce in to AFAC, and a special shout-out to Mark who drives the AFAC van out to Purcellville, VA every week to pick up produce at JK Farm. If you are interested in going gleaning, look for gleaning spots on the volunteer calendar.