Volunteer Spotlight: Food Drive Pick-up Volunteers

This month, we are highlighting our Food Drive Pick-up Volunteers. In the fall, lots of people and businesses hold food drives for AFAC, which is wonderful! If you are interested in holding a food drive for AFAC, there is more information on our website. We supply food drive boxes, and once they are filled, we often send volunteers to pick up the food and bring it back to AFAC’s warehouse on South Nelson Street. Our Food Drive Pick-up volunteers are an essential part of the food drive process, so we wanted to call attention to their great work!

We count on volunteers with flexible schedules,¬†especially¬†during weekdays¬†to pick up food from schools, homes, businesses, houses of worship, apartment buildings, and other locations throughout the area. It’s a great job to have with a partner and most regular-sized cars do the trick.

Volunteers need to bring a supply of bags or boxes with them to easily transport the food and it definitely has a physical component to it. Our busy season for food drives is November-January, so college students home for breaks are also a good fit for this activity.