Volunteer Spotlight: Culpepper Gardens Resident Volunteers

AFAC currently distributes food at 19 locations. We have 5 “open” sites where any of our clients can pick up food: Nelson Street (our main location), Clarendon UMC, Arlington Mill Community Center, Gilliam Place, and Gates of Ballston Community Center. Our other offsite locations are senior housing or affordable housing locations that serve the residents of those buildings. Residents at these locations can pick up their food simply by going downstairs to their community room instead of having to come all the way to AFAC’s main location on South Nelson Street. One of our senior sites is the Culpepper Garden Apartments. This month, we are highlighting the Culpepper Gardens resident volunteers!

At Culpepper Gardens, some of the residents of the apartments volunteer to help at AFAC’s distribution there. This means that the Culpepper Gardens site always has enough volunteer help, and it builds a stronger sense of community when the volunteers serving you are your neighbors. The resident volunteers make sure there is a great atmosphere when everyone comes by to pick up their food. Additionally, they rock their AFAC t-shirts (with some homemade modifications) whenever they volunteer!

AFAC is currently serving about 3,000 families every week, which is an all-time high. We would not be able to accomplish this without the help of all our volunteers, both at our main location and at our offsites. A big thank you to everyone who helps distribute food for AFAC, and especially the residents who live at some of our offsites who pitch in to help their neighbors get food!