Volunteer Spotlight: Chicken Baggers

This month we want to recognize some volunteers who work hard and tell good jokes while doing it: chicken baggers!  Every Wednesday evening and Thursday afternoon, a brave group of volunteers come to bag and seal chicken.  The chicken is raw and frozen, so it’s not a task for everyone. Some volunteers come for the purpose of bagging chicken but often it becomes a break in people’s day to talk, catch up, and laugh.

For our clients, getting halal chicken each week is important.  With the rise in inflation, it’s become harder for families to pay the cost of protein, like chicken, especially low-income families.  AFAC receives between 40-60 cases of chicken twice a week to keep up with this demand.  Because many of our clients adhere to halal and kosher dietary rules, we make sure to buy halal chicken.  

If you’ve volunteered once or come every week, we want to recognize you for your help and say thank you!  Your work is helpful for us and ultimately our clients.

How do chickens leave buildings? Through the eggs-its!