Tuesday home delivery drivers needed

We are looking for a new long-term sub for our home delivery program on TUESDAY mornings. 

You need to be 18+, available almost every Tuesday morning, have a car large enough to hold 7 milk crates, and be able to carry about 25 pounds of groceries (though you can take more than one trip). We understand illness, vacation, and life hiccups, but we’d ask that this be a regular part of your week. Currently, we will need weekly help until April, but it could be longer. You would arrive at AFAC between 10:00-11:00, pick up the crates for your route (mostly the same each week) and go about your deliveries. Everyone is in the same general neighborhood to make driving less burdensome. We estimate that it takes approximately one hour to make the deliveries after you leave AFAC.

If you are interested (we’d encourage you to try the route out once or twice to make sure you’re comfortable), please email us at volunteer@afac.org.

Thank you!