St. Andrews Celebrates 4th of July with a Bountiful Harvest

As you can see from the photos, the Plot against Hunger garden at St. Andrews Episcopal Church is playing a big role in the Victory Garden produce project at Rock Spring Church. Their 4th of July harvest filled the fridge at Rock Spring‚ÄĒimpressive progress since their start in late March with cabbage, collard, and kale seedlings grown by parishioner and gardener Dave Smith, as well as some donated by AFAC. In addition to these crops, St. Andrews’ recent donations have expanded to include radishes, beets, and peppers.

Next up for harvest: zucchini, parsnips, beans, and tomatoes. Garden coordinator Ted Edwards writes that thanks to the hard work of their volunteer gardeners, St. Andrews has managed to keep the deer at bay, stay ahead of the weeds, and contribute 322 pounds of produce at Rock Spring already this season.