Home Delivery Packers Needed

AFAC has a robust home delivery program and we pack groceries four days a week for approximately 120 clients. Each client gets a certain quantity of food with some variation based on food preferences. 

AFAC is looking for a volunteer couple to help at one of three different shifts:

  • Mondays, 9-11
  • Monday, 2-4
  • Wednesdays, 2-4

Working in a pair means you can get the job done more quickly and have an enjoyable experience. We need people who can be reliable and make this a priority each week, but of course, we understand that people take vacations, get sick, or have last minute obligations. If you don’t have a partner that you can work with, we’d still assign one to you, but we’d prefer that folks come in pairs. 

You’ll need to be STRONG. This job involves moving crates, bending and searching through donation bins. You will be consistently moving and lifting crates of approximately 30 pounds.

You’ll need to work independently. Of course, we’ll provide you training, but once you have that, you’ll get your marching orders and we’ll expect you to make some judgement calls about some items.

If you’d like to learn more and feel that you are reliable, strong, independent, and can come with a partner, please email us at volunteer@afac.org and tell us which day(s) you’d be available to help. We don’t think it will really take two hours once you get a handle on it and if you’re with another person, but we’d rather overestimate it.