Historic Ball-Sellers Hosts Plot against Hunger Garden

The Ball-Sellers House, the oldest building in Arlington, started life as a one-room log cabin built by yeoman farmer John Ball in the 1740’s. Its link to farming continues to this day in the Plot against Hunger garden located in its shady back yard.

Head gardener Mary Resnick reports that our temperate spring weather supported good early growth and varied crops, as well as herbs and flowering perennials. Volunteers have been harvesting potatoes, turnips, and lettuce, with beans and radishes coming in next. 

Additional food crops planted at Ball-Sellers include squash, pumpkins, onions, and buckwheat. The garden also preserves a link to history by growing flax, which can be spun into thread that is then woven into linen fabric. Ball-Sellers donations have been going to Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic Church.