Arlington Transit ART green bus with doors open, green AFAC banner hanging from the side of the bus, crates of canned food on the ground in front of the bus doors, ART bus driver stands in front of the bus wearing a high-visibility vest and smiling.

You can help AFAC Drive Away Hunger!

Throughout the year, AFAC hosts Drive Away Hunger food drives at various grocery stores.  The AFAC van will be parked outside and volunteers will ask shoppers for food donations.  By the end of the afternoon, the van will be full of food donations for AFAC!  If you're interested in volunteering at a Drive Away Hunger food drive, email  If you can't volunteer, consider shopping and donating at the store!

Hold your own grocery store food drive!

Grocery store food drives are a terrific way to spend the afternoon with your family, friends, or colleagues and a great way to collect a lot of food in a short amount of time!  This is also an opportunity for students who need to log volunteer hours.

  1. Ask the manager at your local grocery store if they'll allow you to collect food donations outside their storefront on a Saturday or Sunday.
  2. Notify AFAC of your food drive by emailing  If you need to track your volunteer hours for school, email
  3. Assemble your team of friends, family, or colleagues.  Staff the food drive in shifts of 3 - 4 people for 1 - 2 hours each.  Your team can pass out flyers that list the foods AFAC needs most.  Flyer templates
  4. Collect donations in an AFAC food drive box or a shopping cart - shopping carts allow you to easily transport food to your vehicle.  Pass out flyers to shoppers as they enter the store.  Let them know you're collecting donations for the Arlington Food Assistance Center to feed Arlington families in need.
  5. Deliver your food collection to AFAC during food drop-off hours.
green T-shirt with AFAC logo hangs over shopping cart with food donations inside
Green cargo van with AFAC's name & logo