Empty Bowls 2022 Ceramicists

Thank you to all the ceramicists who donated their work to be raffled off for our Empty Bowls 2022 event! Below are pictures of all the items featured in the raffle and information on each local ceramicist. Visit their pages to see more of their work!

To enter the raffle, visit https://afac.charityraffles.org/. Raffle ends Sunday, February 13, 2022.

Helen Hensgen

For the raffle, Helen contributed this ceramic bowl with a dark green glaze and patterns etched on the side. It measures 6” wide and 3” tall and can definitely hold a solid serving of cereal or soup.

Helen is a longtime AFAC volunteer, helping out with morning distributions, growing food in her garden for the Plot Against Hunger program, and serving on the Empty Bowls committee. She spearheaded this year’s raffle by encouraging fellow Lee Arts Center ceramicists to donate some of their work to support AFAC. Helen is also a member of the Alexandria Clay Co-op.

Helene Vonnegut

For the raffle, Helene donated these 2 lovely bowls. The first bowl measures 6” in diameter by 3” tall with white flowers found on the outside and inside of the bowl. The 2nd bowl is mostly blue with measurements 7” wide by 3” tall.

More of her work can be found on her website https://www.helenevonnegut.com/ and on her Instagram page @vonnegutha. Helene is a member of the Alexandria Clay Coop and the Kiln Club of DC.

Chuck Berk

For the raffle, Chuck donated this 6” vase. It is made of porcelain and has an incised and carved decorative surface glazed with a light green celadon. Chuck just completed his home studio, including a kiln, and will be ramping up his work for public viewing later this year.

Polina Miller

For the raffle, Polina donated this set of 3 ceramic bowls, measuring 7” wide by 3” tall. “They are oxidation fired stoneware,” says Polina, “and is influenced by my love of nature and Japanese ceramics.”

To see more of her work, you can visit her website https://www.polinamiller.com/ or visit her Instagram page @polinamillerpottery. More of her work can be found at the Scope Gallery at the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria and in the Waverly Street Gallery in Bethesda.

Lieve deWulf

“Feed the Hungry and Give Drink to the Thirsty.” For the raffle, Lieve donated this blue ceramic pitcher, measuring 6.5” tall.

Lieve is part of the Arlington Artists for Alliance and his work can be found at the Gallery Underground in Crystal City and on the website https://www.arlingtonartistsalliance.org/artists/lieve-dewulf.

Martin Karcher

For the raffle, Martin donated eight ceramic items: a 6.5″ berry bowl set, a 7.5″ cereal bowl, a 6″ pitcher, a 5″ pitcher, a 7.5″ faceted vase, a 7″ faceted vase, and a 7.5″ round vase, and a 10” wall sconce. All of these items were made at the Lee Arts Center or more recently at the Alexandria Clay CoOp.

To see more of his work, you can visit his website https://martinspottery.com/ or visit his Instagram page @martin.karcher.984.

Constance Bergere

For the raffle, Constance donated ceramic sets of bottles and bowls. The bottles measure 4” tall. The bowls vary in size, with the largest one measuring 4” in diameter by 3” tall and the smallest one measuring 3.5” in diameter and 2.5” tall.

“Most of my work is wheel-thrown porcelain,” says Constance. “Minimal and void of decoration, I prefer to present my pieces in groupings to demonstrate the subtleties of form and the nuances of glaze which occur within a theme-based series.”

Scott Kaye

For the raffle, Scott donated this white stoneware bowl, measuring 8” in diameter by 2.5” tall. Scott is a frequent contributor of Empty Bowls. Not only did he make bowls for event patrons, he also demonstrated his pottery techniques at the event.

Scott has some of his work in person at the Scope Gallery (studio 22, 1st floor) at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. You can also visit his Facebook page, Instagram page @scottkaypottery and his website www.kayepottery.com.

Dana Lehrer Danze

For the raffle, Dana donated 2 vases, a 15” tall vase and a 12” tall vase. Dana has also demonstrated her pottery skills at past Empty Bowls events.

To see more of her work, you can visit her website https://danalehrerdanze.com/home.html and her Instagram page @danalehrerdanzepottery.

Catherine Satterlee

For the raffle, Catherine donated this set of two colorful Florentine bowls, measuring 8.5” wide. To see more of her work, you can visit her website https://csatterleeceramics.com/ and her Instagram page @catherinesatterlee.