Cavin’s Eagle Scout SPF Project

Cavin Meadows

I am Cavin Meadows and for my Eagle Scout Project, I teamed up with AFAC to provide food for the people in the Arlington area that can‚Äôt support that basic need. To raise funds for my project, I went to AFAC’s website and created a personal fundraising page to collect donations. Setting this up was easy and the donations went directly to AFAC. My personal fundraising page also had a progress bar which helped monitor how much was raised for my project. Our initial goal was $1,300 and I am pleased to say that I raised over $2,500 and was able to help over 200 families with this gracious donation!

With AFAC’s help, I was able to have my bagging project at the Church of Latter Day Saints. On the day of the event, Bernard, an AFAC staff member, delivered 5,000 pounds of onions and potatoes. Once the food was brought to the gymnasium, my bagging team from my troop and my youth group was able to bag and crate these produce items until the task was completed. Everyone had a great time helping those in need!

Through the time spent bagging and the money donated, it made a tremendous difference for so many families. AFAC was very helpful with all of the efforts put towards my project and their team was able to help with all of the food transportation and handling of the money. My bagging project was a huge success thanks to all of the help from the people who donated, all of the baggers at the project itself, and the wonderful people at AFAC that helped to make my project happen! I feel like this was a fantastic chance for me to help the people of Arlington through the support of AFAC to make a difference in those families lives.


Boy Scout project for AFAC