Thank you Accenture for supporting AFAC on your annual Day of Service! See below for your fundraising pages by team.

Accenture with AFAC

By Marlene Gomes

Donation Drive for Accenture’s Day of Service FY 21. Team Includes: Andrea, Caroline, Bryant, Marlene, Anne, Rose, Murli, Rebecca, Kendall, Sean, Michael, Cindy, and Bridgette

Zoom meeting with afac staff

Helping Hands to our Neighbors of Arlington

By Brodrick Bailey

As a part of Accenture’s 13th Annual Day of Service, three teams of Accenture colleagues decided to dedicate not only one day but an entire week to create and share…

Greater Than Hunger


Donation drive for Accenture’s 2020 Day of Service. Team Includes: Osman, Brian, Anna, Kathy, Gabriel, Elaine, Nichole, and Bereket