Deer Invaders No Match for St. Andrews Gardeners

The large garden at St. Andrews Episcopal Church has made a strong start this season. Volunteers from the church garden have already donated close to 500 pounds of produce for AFAC clients. Recent harvests have included kale, collards, cabbage, peppers, radishes, and tomatoes. Although deer have also found their chard, bean, and beet beds attractive, St. Andrews gardeners are fighting back by building higher fencing, using bamboo supports gathered by AFAC’s Panda Brigade volunteers. This year the gardeners’ work has been lightened by a drip irrigation system that conveys water to most crops with the flip of a spigot. Only the cabbage, collards, and kale are still being hand-watered. Now that the deer have been foiled, St. Andrews is looking forward to continued strong production this year.