COVID-19 update 3

I wanted to share a few updates with some of the changes that have been implemented here at AFAC:

  • On Monday, we started with our new distribution hours and procedures at our Nelson Street location. Weekday daytime distributions have been extended until 2pm while canceling the Tuesday and Thursday evening hours. From what I have seen so far, people are spacing themselves out through the extended hours, causing the lines to be shorter or non-existent.
  • Our modified food distribution is nearly a grab-and-go method. Clients can still choose their frozen protein item, but the staples are prebagged by volunteers ahead of time. This has expedited our food distribution process and families are quickly out of the door and back to their homes.
  • To make sure food is reaching our most vulnerable population, we have coordinated with the Aging and Disability Division of Arlington County‚Äôs DHS to deliver food directly to the homes of the elderly and disabled.
  • All of these changes are being done to keep all of our families, volunteers, and staff as safe as possible during this time of uncertainty. Our procedures will continue to adapt to the changing landscape. It is imperative for AFAC to stay in operation, as our groceries may be the only food that some of our clients can access.

The changes to our distribution method and our heightened cleaning and sanitation procedures has added a lot of work to our operations team. To help us out, we have hired some temporary staff members, most of whom were recently laid off from their jobs at local restaurants. They will help with all the extra tasks so our full time warehouse staff can continue with their duties and volunteers can still bag and stock our shelves with food.

Thank you all for the tremendous support you have given to AFAC so far! Your monetary donations have helped us with our food purchases and cleaning supplies to keep our facilities and people safe. Your food donations have helped replace the donations we are not getting from the grocery stores. This is only the beginning of this pandemic and we hope we can continue to count on your help and support.

Charles Meng
Executive Director & CEO