You Can Offer Hope This Holiday Season

girl holding snacks with message "AFAC serves more than 2,400 families every week. Your contribution will help fill their kitchens with nutritious and healthy groceries."

The feeling of finding the perfect holiday present for your loved ones is incomparable. You sit in anticipation, waiting for the moment their eyes light up when they open their new fantasy novel about kingdoms and dragons or they try on their new sweatshirt featuring their local championship-winning sports team.

The same euphoria occurs when you do something to improve the lives of others. There are 31,500 individuals in our community who are food insecure – people who may not know where their next meal will come from. This holiday season, expand your gift list to include your neighbors in need.

When you donate to AFAC, your gift will provide food, and, more importantly, hope to thousands of families in your community. Families who receive groceries from AFAC get a sense of relief and can use their limited budget on other essentials, such as medication, transportation, and utilities.

AFAC’s mission is to feed our neighbors in need by providing dignified access to supplemental groceries. With no federal or state government support, AFAC relies on the generous contributions from our community to provide a basic human need. Can we count on your help?

Make a difference this holiday season by donating to AFAC. Your gift will allow us to continue to support the many families in our care.

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