Slalom DC Community Drive

Each year, Slalom hosts a cross-market drive to support our local communities. The past year has been challenging for many in our communities, and the DC market would like to support the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC), an organization we have worked closely with in past years.

Our Community Drive will run from May 10 – June 4.

Recent Supporters

Eric Imhoff
Toya L. Tate
Sara Conner
Jim Stroiney
Dionne Baxter
Scott Gooch
Kristine Rohls
Alex Qatsha
Phil Hetzel
Darcey Hans
Tanveer Mehmood
Bethany Frick
Mathew Shehata
Liz Valentini
Melissa Cope
Axel Sepulveda
Michael Mertz
Kris Campbell
Rebecca Lammers
Kevin Boyle
Alan Potter
Yolanda Fraction
Cindy Li
Anna Ng
Rich Pleasants

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