Etz Hayim’s Annual Shavuot Food Drive

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Congregation Etz Hayim’s Social Action Committee and Preschool are teaming up for a virtual food drive. Each year around Shavuot, volunteers from AFAC come talk to our preschoolers about food insecurity in Arlington. As part of that program, the preschoolers and congregants bring boxes of cereal to the lobby and build a cereal mountain for Moses.

This year, we will build a virtual mountain for Moses that will help the thousands of families in our community who are struggling with food insecurity. Please help us reach our goal by giving what you can. If you need some guidance, here are some suggestions:

$18 buys 1 case of oranges

$21.00 buys 18 half gallons of milk

$25.00 buys 18 dozen eggs

$36 provides one family with food for one week to reduce childhood hunger

$43.00 buys 18 -12 oz boxes of cereal

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