CAN19: Wakefield

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Wakefield is excited to be the first high school in many years to compete in AIA Northern Virginia’s Annual CANstruction competition! We are very excited to participate and use our combined intellect to build an amazing creation!

We are a group of students from Wakefield High School and will be participating in a competition where teams build amazing structures using almost exclusively cans. The money you contribute will be used to purchase cans for our structure. Later, all the cans will be donated to the Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC) to further the fight against hunger.

Businesses, if you contribute $100 or more, your company name will be displayed next to our completed structure, advertising you and your commitment to ending hunger in our community!

Recent Supporters

Joe Taylor
Matt and Tina Zimmerman
Maggie Ryner
Vickie and David Spindler
Patricia Bush
Carrie Lewis

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