Help Feed Arlington Families Affected by the Government Shutdown

Woman and grandson shopping for vegetables

The recent Federal government shutdown created uneasiness for many people in Arlington. All types of people are affected:

Federal workers were furloughed and missed two paychecks.
Contract workers, such as janitorial staff and food service workers, were out of work and as of now, will never see those lost wages.
Employees from local businesses are lost valuable work hours as federal employees cut expenses.

AFAC responded and will continue to help those who need support. For any Arlington resident still affected by the shutdown and in need of food, AFAC is here to serve them with groceries – free of charge. AFAC currently serves 2,300 families on a weekly basis, and we need your help in order to keep up with the rising demand for our services.

Please consider making a donation to AFAC to support all those in need at this time. Your gift will help us provide grocery staples such as fresh fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, fresh chicken, canned goods, pasta, and oatmeal.

Thank you for helping us feed our neighbors in need.

Recent Supporters

Ellen Yount
Burton Gerber
Cragg Hines
Pam Ray
Sarah Van Vliet
Weber Lauh
Christy Iredell
Carrie Herndon
Alice Hayes
Susan Wojcik
Anthony Schach
Ellie Petty
Mary Ann Horn
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Friend of furloughed employees
Carole Murphy
Retired Fed offering Support
2 Arlington Public School employes

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