Brooks’s Mitzvah Project

For my mitzvah project, I wanted to give food to people in need. Everyone should have food to eat and enough food to feed their families. Please help me raise…

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Rowan’s birthday

In lieu of gifts for Rowan, please consider donating to AFAC to help feed our neighbors in need.

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Abby’s Food Drive and Fundraiser

afac february food drive flyer

I am celebrating my bat mitzvah in the spring, and I’m currently holding a food drive to support members of my community who are experiencing hunger and food insecurity. Local…

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Holiday Meals

afac volunteers

We are passionate about serving our community and want to ensure that everyone has a delicious and healthy meal this holiday season. Thank you for visiting our fundraising page!

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Alexa’s 45th Birthday

alexa's 45th birthday donation flyer

Since I can’t celebrate the joy of turning 45 in person with all my amazing people, I decided to rally them to spread joy virtually. What’s more joyful than food?…

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Helping You Help Our Community

afac logo

This fundraiser was started in support of all of the homeless or struggling families during this Covid-19 Pandemic. These past couple months have been hard for everyone, but those in…

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Ashi’s Bake Sale

bake sale

We’re a family of bakers and love to share food! Desserts and cookies in particular are my forte, but have recently started baking bread as well. And now my husband…

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Moms helping Moms

As I started selling things for an upcoming move, I realized I could help out neighbors at the same time. My porch has been full of free items, just requesting…

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