AFAC Renovation Update, April 2021

In October 2020, the owner of the building at 2704 & 2706 S. Nelson Street (next door to AFAC) decided to sell the warehouse to AFAC. We had been leasing the building prior to the purchase and were using the space for food storage. This warehouse was also used as the temporary warehouse for our food distributions and operations while our main building was being renovated in 2017.

In January, we began a complete renovation of the building – a new roof, new floors, a Warehouse Manager’s office, proper restrooms, and a new multipurpose room will be added where an office block used to be. We will be doubling our refrigeration space and a doorway linking our two buildings will be added. 

Construction should be completed in early September 2021 and is being performed by Tech24 Construction, who also did the renovations to our main building. There will be no disruption in our operations. Both the purchase and the renovations were made possible with the help of several estate gifts made to AFAC by individuals who will be recognized for their generosity at the opening ceremony and on a recognition plaque placed on the building.

This is a major step forward for AFAC’s future plans. The additional capacity will allow AFAC to expand our services to even more families here in Arlington and nearby areas in Alexandria, Arlandria, Baileys Crossroads, Culmore, and Falls Church.