AFAC Client Referral Software – Did You Know?

AFAC utilizes a customized, password-protected software program to process referrals and track frequency of family visits. The program, called CCRTS, was designed by AFAC and built bCobb Systems Group (CSG) in 2019. Last month, CSG released a set of updates to streamline the program including text alerts, duplicate merging, and more. CCRTS allows the Arlington Department of Human Services and other local social service agencies to enroll their clients in AFAC’s grocery program and provides regular opportunities for caseworkers to offer wraparound services. When picking up groceries, clients scan their barcode cards to check in, allowing for a smooth experience for all. 

While the data collected remains confidential, it informs AFAC’s decision-making on many levels including how much food to purchase, how to serve clients equitably, and where AFAC may need to expand services. Thanks to CSG, AFAC is able to meet the rapidly rising demand for food assistance and continue serving clients in a dignified manner.