2020 Garden Talks Schedule

March 11
Seed Starting & Plant Propagation
Learn the best techniques for growing seedlings throughout the seasons. Free seeds. Bluemont Room.

March 18
Vegetable Garden Design for Success
Best location? How to layout? Plan your garden for the best vegetables, & how to use flowers to attract pollinators. Bluemont Room.

March 25
Soil is Everything—Testing, Enhancing, Fertilizing
Healthy, nutritious soil is a basic building block for successful gardening. Learn how to care for your soil. Bluemont Room.

April 1
Fruit for your Garden – Berries, Bushes, Brambles, Trees
Learn the best varieties of fruits for northern Virginia gardens  and how to grow them. Bluemont Room.

April 8
Perennial Food Crops

Establish perennial food plants suited to northern Virginia, using permaculture techniques. Enjoy your crops year after year with little maintenance. Bluemont Room.

April 15
Balcony & Container Gardening Basics
No room? No problem! Grow herbs, vegetables, and flowers on your patio, balcony, front stoop, or back deck. Rabbit Hole, 1st Floor Children’s area.

April 22
Growing Vegetables in the Shade
Too much shade? Learn techniques and best varieties for growing vegetables in areas without full sun. Bluemont Room.

April 29
Garden Structures for Support & Pest Control
Learn to support tomatoes, vines, and other crops, increase growing space, and keep out those squirrels and other critters. Outside by the garden.

May 6
Tomato Love
Tips & tricks to get the best  tomato crop. Fertilizing, pruning and recognizing pests and diseases. Bluemont Room.

May 13
Keeping the Garden Growing—Summer Nutrient Management
Ever experience a summer downturn in your beautiful vegetable garden? Learn what those veggies need to keep on producing.  Bluemont Room. 

May 20
Foraging for Wild Edibles
Find edibles in our urban area, by foraging in wild (and not so wild) areas. Outside by the garden.

May 27
Growing Herbs for Health & Flavor
Herbs are the spice of life and can boost your health. Grow your own! Basic techniques on planning and planting a culinary and medicinal herb garden. Bluemont Room.

June 3
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

June 10
Weeds 101 – Keep those Weeds at Bay
Learn how to identify and keep the area’s top ten weeds out of your garden and yard. Outside by the garden.

June 17
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

June 24
Good Bugs, Bad Bugs, Happy Garden
Learn from an expert how to manage insects and pests and attract beneficial insects to your garden, the sustainable way. Outside by the garden.

July 1
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

July 8
Top 10 Vegetable Diseases
Our area’s hot, humid summers make vegetables vulnerable to diseases. Learn how to control the occurrence and spread of plant diseases. Outside by the garden.

July 15
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside. 

July 22
Preserving the Harvest – Canning, Freezing
Enjoy your produce year-round. Learn how to can and freeze safely with proven techniques. Bluemont Room.

July 29
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

August 5
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

August 12
Vegetables for Fall & Winter Harvest
Grow vegetables nearly year-round.  There’s still time to grow and enjoy them now and into the Spring! Outside by the garden.

August 19
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

August 26
Cover Crops for Healthy Soil
Sow cover crops to add nutrients & structure to your soil during the winter months. Outside by the garden.

September 2
Visit Master Gardener Clinic inside.

September 9
Growing Season Extension and Winter Sowing
Protect your crops from the chill with hot caps, cold frames, row covers & other techniques. Plus learn winter sowing techniques to start spring seeds early, outdoors, and in milk jugs. Bluemont Room.

September 16
Planning Bio-Controls for Next Year’s Garden
Fall is the time to prepare your soil for healthy growing next season. Learn techniques and best practices. Bluemont Room.

September 23
Making Teas & Using Herbs from Your Garden
Teas and herbs have many benefits. Learn what your herb garden can offer for enjoyment and health. Bluemont Room.

September 30
Savoring the Harvest
How to prepare delicious dishes from the garden and farmers’ market produce. Learn to use new foods to delight family and friends. Bluemont Room.