Holiday Help for AFAC

November and December always mark new milestone with record high numbers of family visits to AFAC. This year, we need your help to ensure every family has a warm meal to gather around. You can help by Donating Funds, Food, and Time.

Donate Funds

volunteer handing turkey to woman

Create your own Hope Against Hunger fundraising page for your company to help sponsor holiday meals for families.

A donation of just $25 will sponsor one family with a dinner centered by a turkey for Thanksgiving or a roaster chicken for the December holidays.

How many families can you or your team sponsor? Contact Jolie Smith, Director of Development if you have questions.

Donate Food

Sheriff's department staff standing next to boxes of food donations.

With more families coming to AFAC in need, we need your help to stock our shelves with healthy non-perishable items. This is a great time of year for offices, apartment buildings, and community groups to rally together to collect food for AFAC.

To get started, learn more about holiday food drives, register your food drive online, and advertise your food drive with a list of AFAC’s most needed foods.

Email if you have questions.

Donate Time

There are many ways to volunteer at AFAC during the holiday months. We need help with driving to deliver food drive boxes and pick up donations, sorting the donations, and distributing food to clients.

Please note AFAC does not have volunteer activities on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.

Individuals can sign up using our online calendarRegister here if you are a new volunteer.

Groups of 5-15 can learn about volunteer options by emailing the Volunteer Department at