What is the Census?

Every ten years, the U.S. Census counts every person living in the United States. To learn more about the 2020 Census, click here.

When is it?

Census Count Day is April 1, 2020. People can start responding online, by phone, or by mail as early as March 12, 2020.

Why is the Census important?

A fair and accurate census count is the heart of our democracy. It is the basis for determining legislative representation, helps us plan for needs and services, and is the basis for federal funding. The information the census collects helps determine how more than $675 billion of federal funding is distributed to states and communities each year.

Arlington County receives millions of federal dollars for transportation, SNAP (food stamps), free/reduced breakfast and lunch at Arlington Public Schools, public safety, education, health and human services, and more.

By completing the census, you will ensure Arlington receives the funding it needs to serve our community.

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How do I complete the Census?

Fill out the census online, by phone, or request a paper version to your home address. To learn more, click here.

Who should I count?

Count every person who lives and sleeps in your home most of the time. This includes new babies, foster children, grandparents, roommates, renters, and more!

If multiple families share a single house or apartment, count them together on one census form. This information will not be shared with your landlord.

Do not count any members of your household who normally live elsewhere, including students away at college, people living in a nursing home, or people in jail, a detention center, or a correctional facility. These people will be counted where they live on April 1, 2020.

For more information about who to count, click here.

What kind of questions are on the Census?

The Census Bureau wants to know how many people live in our community!

  • For each household, the Census will ask if you rent or own your home and how many people live with you.
  • For each person living in your home, the Census will ask about gender, date of birth, ethnicity, race, and relationship to the Head of Household.

Each household should fill out just one Census form.

To view a sample copy of the 2020 Census, click here.


Under Title 13 of the US Code, the Census Bureau is required by federal law to protect your personal information. The Census Bureau cannot release any identifiable information about individuals, households, or businesses, even to law enforcement agencies. Your answers are used only for statistical purposes - they cannot be used against you in any way.

All Census Bureau staff take a lifetime oath to protect your personal information, and any violation comes with a penalty of up to $250,000 and/or up-to 5 years in prison.

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Language Guides

Language Guides are available in 61 languages, including large-print English. For more information about how to complete the Census in your language, click here.

Arlington Counts!

Arlington County has gathered a Complete Count Committee to promote participation in the 2020 Census. County programs and community organizations will be reaching out to the hard-to-count communities, including the elderly, families with children under 5, renters, households without internet access, and more.

Arlington needs your help. Complete the Census in April and inform your friends and family about the importance of the decennial Census.

To learn more about Arlington County's Complete Count Committee, click here.

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Job Opportunities

The US Census Bureau is hiring thousands of temporary workers nationwide. The application process is lengthy, so apply soon!