Featured Volunteer – Kat Cheshire

Photo of Kat

Kat has been volunteering with AFAC for over 5 years. You can find her at AFAC at the client check-in desk during distributions on the 1st Saturdays and 4th Thursdays of every month. Kat is also heavily involved with AFAC’s Young Professionals, a group consisting of 21-40 year olds dedicated to supporting AFAC’s message through volunteering, social, and networking events. Kat first heard about AFAC through a local publication about our need to help sort food coming in from the Boy Scouts Food Drive.

“I’ve loved being a part of the AFAC Young Professionals development,” says Kat. “There is such a large population of young professionals in our community and as much of a stereotype as it is, we are the future business leaders, politicians, and family stakeholders. It’s important for us to see the need for organizations like AFAC now and to strive to find ways to support and sustain AFAC’s mission and services starting now and into the future.”

“My favorite memory was on a Thursday night distribution,” says Kat. “It was 7:55pm and we were preparing to shut the door for the end of the evening’s distribution and a client rushed in. We knew the client from previous distributions and she was a single, working mother coming to AFAC after her shift. We chatted while she waited to enter the distribution area and she made a comment about still having to go home and bake cupcakes or cookies for her son’s birthday the following day. It turned out we had received a dessert shipment of an entire platter of cupcakes (themed perfectly for her son!) which she was able to select as her dessert. She was so excited and thankful for the generosity and for AFAC that she actually cried.”

Thank you Kat for your support and dedication to AFAC!