Featured Volunteer – Dave Smith

Dave Smith in the St. Andrew's Episcopal Church Garden

Dave Smith is the Plot Against Hunger garden coordinator at St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, which has AFAC’s largest community garden at 5,000 ft2 and an additional apple orchard on its property. Dave and his family have been supporting AFAC for about 7 years. He first heard about AFAC through his church at a “Souper Bowl” event. An active parishioner and an avid gardener since childhood, volunteering at the St. Andrew’s garden was a perfect fit.

“The AFAC mission is so important and one our whole parish is delighted to help support,” says Dave. “We have a loyal group of volunteers along with many community volunteers supporting our team. Two years ago, an ‘Urban Apple Orchard’ was added to our plot. We now have 24 apple trees that we hope will produce a wonderful bounty for AFAC in the future.  We have also increased our yield in the garden each year with more experience and have also tailored the produce to better match the tastes of the AFAC clients.” Last year, over 2,000 lbs. of produce from this garden and orchard made its way to the families AFAC serves.

On favorite moments and experiences, Dave says, “many are related to all the friendships I have developed through our AFAC garden and a series of fabulous volunteer teams, such as a local Girl Scout troop, teenagers from Aurora House or a volunteer group from National Cancer Institute honoring one of their lab colleagues who had recently passed away.  It is great watching kids and adults alike experience the wonders of gardening, seeing the vegetables grow from small seeds or plants and as result better understanding where our vegetables come from.”

Thank you Dave for your support and dedication to AFAC!