Featured Volunteer – Ann Marie Borkowski

Photo of Ann Marie

Ann Marie has been volunteering with AFAC for about 3 years. You can find her at AFAC on Tuesday afternoons here in our warehouse, bagging produce and dry goods with the Tuesday afternoon team. She first heard about AFAC through her church, St. Charles Borromeo and got involved with our Family Bagging nights and progressively found more ways to help AFAC. During the holiday season, Ann Marie helps deliver food drive boxes and materials to schools, churches, apartments, businesses and other organizations who register food drives with us and uses her own van to pick up the donations and deliver them to AFAC. On food drives, Ann Marie says, “It never ceases to amaze me how eager to help and generous people are when given the opportunity. I think a lot of people want to give back to their community but don’t always have the time or know where to start and donating food is worthy and tangible contribution that people can manage.”

“My favorite AFAC experience was just a couple of weeks ago with the food drive at my son’s school (Gunston)”, Ann Marie says. “We set a goal for the kids to try to donate 350 pounds of food before the winter break and a week before the deadline we had 155 pounds. By the time the kids left for the break they had almost doubled the goal – 696 pounds! It was really nice to see the students rally and support a great cause and at the same time provide them an opportunity to feel good about contributing to the community.”

Thank you Ann Marie for your support and dedication to AFAC!