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Arlington Food and Assistance Center, AFAC in Arlington, Va.  Clients getting food at the Nelson St. Center, 
Robert, man in black ball cap and T-shirt, Assefa, 2nd man, only a few images of him, Nancy and Maria, Nancy is a white woman and Maria, hispanic but I don't think they are together.  Then Marcella and her family, two little girls.

Since February, we have seen the number of active referrals to AFAC increase by 30%. We expect this number to keep increasing. More and more new families continue to seek help from AFAC, in addition to the thousands of families that AFAC already serves. Our commitment remains as it always has been – to serve all in need in Arlington.

Please consider donating to help us make sure our shelves stay stocked during this time of uncertainty. To read more on how AFAC is serving those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, click here.

If you prefer to make an offline donation, you can make a check payable to Arlington Food Assistance Center and mail it to PO Box 6261, Arlington, VA 22206.

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