10th and Barton Garden Update – August 2016

Garden coordinator, Lisa Crye, provides updates for the Plot Against Hunger at the corner of 10th and Barton Streets on her own blog. Here are snippets from her previous few entries. You can click on each to read more.

squash in the gardenToday Jane and Dani showed up at 8:00 am to weed the gardens and it was steamy even by then. It has only been dropping into the mid and upper seventies overnight, so you can get some idea of the heat during the day. The air is so hot, it reminds me of standing near a bonfire. We were able to harvest squash and tomatoes and cucumbers and Ben came by just in time to take them to the farmer’s market for AFAC pick up. The small garden has lots of tomatoes and the large garden has squash and cucumbers. The rabbits have been eating the bean plants so that has been one of the many failures of the garden this year

tomatoes on a window sillYesterday was another scorcher. I went to the garden in the early morning to harvest and see what needed to be done. I was able to harvest quite a few Juliet tomatoes from the small Plot Against Hunger garden. The large garden has some squash and cucumbers coming on that will probably need harvesting midweek. Joanne, another gardener who has gone on a trip, asked me to harvest her garden and I got some nice squash and tomatoes from it. Just the harvesting left me dripping in the heat